OWYYC2022 Additional Rules for the Final & other divisions

Rules Added on Oct. 6, 2022

[Regarding Submitted Footage]

If we find that a submitted video appears unnatural (speed adjustment, evidence of editing, etc.), the following actions will be taken.

  • We will request that the player submit the original file without any trimming, for the purpose of evaluation by the contest organizers.
  • We will verify the file size, file information, and shooting environment.
  • We will check a live performance of the freestyle using a video call, and check the filming equipment

After conducting the above, the organizing team and judges will hold a discussion.

Even if we find no traces of video manipulation in the data, the following measures will be taken if the majority of judges involved feel uncomfortable with the video (starting from the Final of OWYYC2022).

  • We will request that the video be reshot.
  • The player must visibly place a commercially available clock with a second-hand or second counter in their filming space and reshoot the freestyle video.
  • If it is confirmed that any editing or manipulation was done intentionally, the contestant may be disqualified at the discretion of the organizing team (in this case, no payments will be refunded).

However, if you have already started filming your final freestyle and are concerned about it, please contact us as soon as possible (we will respond to each case individually by confirming sample footage in advance).