OWYYC2022 Overviews

After the excitement and great show of skill at last year’s online contest, we are happy to announce that, yes, we will be holding OWYYC2022! Since we’re still not able to have a WYYC in person yet, this is your big chance this year to put together a competitive yo-yo freestyle and go up against the rest of the global yo-yo community. It will take place starting in the summer of 2022 and go into fall. We hope you’ll look forward to an event that will satisfy not only yo-yo competitors, but spectators and fans alike.

For those just tuning in, Online World Yo-Yo Contest 2022 is an IYYF officially sanctioned online contest open to yo-yo players worldwide. This is your chance to take part, especially if you’ve never been to WYYC or entered a contest before, or don’t usually have the means to travel far to a physical contest. We hope to see entries from many new contestants from all over the globe!

Here is a quick list of changes from last year! Please check if you are interested in competing:

Changes from last year:

  • Prelim and Final only (No Semi-Final)
  • Final is 2 minutes (instead of 3 minutes)
  • 4 evaluation categories for Final (same as Prelim: Execution, Control, Body Control, Music Use)
  • No live sound needed on the video
  • No edits allowed on music (Prelim & Final)
  • New music content standards (details coming soon)
  • Final music must come from IYYF library or certain web sites provided by IYYF

Here is a summary of our contest plans:

  • Name: Online World Yo-Yo Contest 2022 (“Online Worlds”)
  • Hashtag: #OWYYC2022

Timeline (tentative):

  • In June: More details are coming
  • August 21: Prelim Submission starts
  • September 1: Prelim Deadline
  • October 1: Prelim Results / Final Submission starts
  • October 10: Final Deadline (Also, Women/Over 40/AP)
  • November 12: Final Results

* The timeline is subject to change

Contest Divisions:
  • 1A Division
  • 2A Division
  • 3A Division
  • 4A Division
  • 5A Division
  • AP (Art & Performance)
  • Women’s Freestyle
  • Over 40 Freestyle
Eligible Contestants:

Everyone in the world is encouraged to join! We hope to welcome everyone from first timers to world champions.
Contestants can compete in multiple divisions.

1A-5A Champions of OWYYC2021 are seeded to the Final round of OWYYC2022.


IYYF Official Judges just like the usual World Yo-Yo Contest (WYYC)

  • Champion will be “Online World Contest Winner,” not “2022 World Champion”
  • 1A-5A Division Champions seed to the WYYC2023 Semi-Final Round
  • Top 10 finalists of 1A-5A Divisions seed to the WYYC2023 Prelim Round
  • The five champions of 1A-5A will get a free flight to WYYC2023 in Japan.
  • Also, ONE highest ranking contestant in 1A-5A who has never attended any WYYC previously will also win a free flight.
    *You can only get this prize if you compete at WYYC2023. This prize will not fall back to 2nd place even if the champion cannot attend and compete at WYYC2023.
Entry Fees:
  • US$35 for each division submission (1A-5A, AP, Women, & Over 40)
  • One AP submission can have multiple players in the video, and it will count as only one fee (US$35 total)
  • No refunds will be made after you register.
Contest Format:
1A-5A Divisions:
  • Prelim: 1-minute freestyle
  • Final: 2-minute freestyle

Freestyle Rule are here

  • Maximum video length: 3 minutes
  • Video editing, transitions, and sound/visual effects ARE allowed
  • Submission deadline is the same as 1A-5A Final round
  • An AP submission can include multiple players (please list all the participating contestant names when you submit your entry)

More details here

Women / Over 40:
  • Final only: 2-minute freestyle
  • Submission deadline is the same as 1A-5A Semi-Final round
  • You must be 40 or above on August 31, 2022 in order to compete in Over 40 Freestyle
Filming Rules:
  • Security and safety first
  • Each contestant uploads their freestyle(s) as a video, submitted directly to IYYF.
  • No editing, no cuts, no effects, no camera transitions (except for the AP Division)
  • No live sound needed on the video. You can cover the video sound with music track if you like.
  • Contestants can film as many times as they need to be satisfied with their freestyle quality.
  • IYYF will add sponsor banners at the beginning, during, and at the end of the video.
  • If the sound and video quality is not good enough, IYYF may adjust the quality or ask the player to resubmit.

More details here

Music Rules:

More details here