Official IYYF Statement Re: Russia & Belarus at WYYC2023

For over 15 months now, Russia has brutally attacked the sovereign country of Ukraine, taking innocent lives, and acting with impunity. While the IYYF seeks to be inclusive of all players worldwide, and knows that we cannot hold individuals responsible for the actions of their government, it is also unfair to allow the actions of an individual to glorify a state that is actively engaged in a war of aggression.

For the World Yo-Yo Contest 2023, any yo-yo players competing from Russia or Belarus will compete under a “blank flag” and will not be allowed to display or represent any logos, symbols, or icons of their country of origin on their person during the event.

We hope for an end to this Russian aggression soon, and the IYYF continues to stand with Ukraine and other affected countries.





(2023.6.27 日本語訳 追加)