Requirement for Multi-National Contest

IYYF and Multi-National Jurisdiction

If the Multi-National Area has an existing committee or working agreement among existing contest organizers to decide where, when and who runs the contest, the IYYF will refer to the existing structure. In case there is disagreement among two or more organizers, the IYYF will have the right to choose which Multi-National event will seed to the upcoming World Contest. Contest organizers may bid on hosting the multi-national contest for a geographic region each year by submitting a proposal within 60 days of the previous qualifying event.

Current Status as of August 2014

Current EYYC and AP events are approved for seeds to the 2015 World Yo-Yo Contest.

There is no current multinational contest for the Americas, Africa, or the Middle-East.

Basic Requirements for Multi-National Contest

A multi-national contest is expected to meet all five of these requirements to acquire its seed for the upcoming World Yo-Yo Contest.

• All five divisions (1A-5A) with 3 minute finals

• Follow IYYF rules and guidelines

• Total Contestants: 100 or more (AP:150-200 EYYC:100-200)

• Number of Countries represented: 10 or more (AP: 13-16, EYYC: 20-25)

• Judges represented from 5 or more countries (AP:8-10, EYYC 7-10)

The following two criteria are expected, but not required

• Each division should have 10 or more contestants (AP:15-120, EYYC:4-70)

• Each division should have 5 or more countries competing (AP:5-, EYYC:3-)

Previous History Required Before Seed Granted

Before granting the seed, any contest must be run one or more years to demonstrate the ability to draw competitors and judges from the appropriate number of countries.

EYYC is in its fifth year, AP has been held since 2003 with two years that it was not held.

Special Consideration for Americas

Since no multinational contest has been previously established for the Americas (North, Central, and South America), special consideration is given for seeding to the 2015 World Yo-Yo Contests.

Andre Boulay and qualifier to 2015 Worlds – 2014 Las Vegas International Open

Andre was a co-organizer/head-judge for previous WYYC, NY Open (an event contestants and judges from many countries participated in), and Triple Crown. History has shown his capability of running multinational contest.