Round Structure for the WYYC14

Reasons for the change:

  1. For the final round, 15-20 is the maximum number of contestants that can be judged fairly and accurately.
  2. We cannot fit ALL National Champions into finals anymore.
  3. We want the winners and high-ranking players of National Contests to have some benefit.
  4. In actuality, really only the top 10 in each Championship Division of each National Contest should be capable/eligible to compete at the level of World Contest.
  5. However, we still want EVERYONE to have a chance to come and try for the World Title.


2014 World Contest Round Structure


Day 3: FINAL (3-min) TOTAL 15-20 (1A) / 8-10 (2A-5A)

Last-Year’s World Champion x 1

Multi-National Contest (AP, EYYC, NA) Champions x 3

Winners of Semi-Final x 11-16 (1A) / 4-6 (2A-5A)


Day 2: SEMI-FINAL (1.5-min) TOTAL 40-60 (1A) / 15-30 (2A-5A)

National Champions x 15-25 (1A) / 5-10 (2A-5A)

Winners of Preliminary x 25-35 (1A) / 10-20 (2A-5A)


Day 1: PRELIMINARY (1-min) TOTAL 100-150 (1A) / 30-60 (2A-5A)

Top 10 of all Nationals x 70-110 (1A) / 20-40 (2A-5A)

Winners of WildCard x 30-40 (1A) / 10-20 (2A-5A)


Day Before: WILDCARD (30-sec) TOTAL 100-150 (1A) / 20-50 (2A-5A)

Anyone x 100-150 (1A) / 20-50 (2A-5A)

  1. It will be in a private room with just judges.
  2. The venue may have a limited ceiling space.
  3. Music selection may be limited.
  4. Clickers (plus and minus) only.


If you are the World Champion, you compete in Finals directly.

If you are the Asia-Pacific, EYYC (or NA if/when established) Champion, you compete in Finals directly.

If you are a National Champion, you compete starting in Semi-Finals.

If you are one of the top players in your country, you compete starting in the Preliminary round.

If you had never won or ranked for the year, you still have a chance to compete starting in the WildCard round.