Round Structure & Seeding Rules (WYYC2019)

The following applies to all 1A-5A Divisions.


Freestyle Length: 30 seconds

Scoring: Only Technical Execution (TE)

Who Competes?: National Contest 11th place and under -or- Did not compete in the most recent National Contest -or- Anyone not already qualified to other Rounds

We will have WILDCARD round for ONLY the 1A Division at WYYC2019.

Round 2: PRELIM

Freestyle Length: 1 minute

Scoring: Technical Execution (TE), 4 Freestyle Evaluations (FE) and Major Deductions (MD)

Who Competes?: WildCard Winners and National Contest 2nd to 10th, and Last Year’s World Finalists


Round 3 : SEMI-FINAL

Freestyle Length: 90 seconds

Scoring: Technical Execution (TE), 4 Freestyle Evaluations (FE) and Major Deductions (MD)

Who Competes?: Prelim Winners, National Champions and Last Year’s World 2nd & 3rd.


Round 4: FINAL

Freestyle Length: 3 minutes

Scoring: Technical Execution (TE), 8 Freestyle Evaluations (FE) and Major Deductions (MD)

Who Competes?: Semi-Final Winners and Last Year’s World Champions


Changes in Seeding Rules for WYYC2018

IYYF applied new seeding rules starting with the World Yo-Yo Contest 2018.

1st place – Seed to Final (Same as before)
2nd & 3rd place – Seed to Semi-Final (New)
Other Finalists – Seed to Prelim (New)

AP/EYYC (Multi-National Contests, a.k.a. MNC)
Top 3 are no longer seeded to Semi-Final.
Top 10 – Seed to Prelim (Only if your country does not have a NC)

National Contests
1st place – Seed to Semi-Final (Same as before)
2nd to 10th place – Seed to Prelim (Same as before)

Seed Sliding Rule with WYYC top 3:
If one of the WYYC top 3 takes their own national title, their redundant seed from nationals goes to the player who is the next best.
If the WYYC top 3 take all top 3 places of their national contest, 4th place of the national contest will get the seed for WYYC.

This rule encourages players who got top 3 at WYYC to compete in their national contests to seek their national title without disadvantaging their own country’s seeding situation.

This sliding rule does not apply to seeding for NC top 10 or WYYC finalists, and furthermore does not apply to any other circumstances such as a seeded player choosing not to compete (for any reason), forfeiting their seed, etc.

Seeding Rules

Here is the structure to get a Seed spot to the Prelim, Semi-Final, and Final Rounds. All other contestants who do not fit the criteria below must compete from the WildCard Round.

World Yo-Yo Contest

The 1A-5A & AP Division Champions of “World Yo-Yo Contest 2017” held in Iceland, last year will be seeded into this year’s Final Round.

Multi National Contests (MNC)

If a contestant from a country which does not have a National Contest places in the Top 10 at an MNC, the contestant will be seeded to the Prelim Round.

MNC’s Qualified for WYYC2019
  • AP (Asia-Pacific Yo-Yo Championships)
  • EYYC (European Yo-Yo Championship)


National Contests (NC)

All 1A-5A Division National Contest Champions will be seeded into the Semi-Final Round, and their Top 10 will be seeded into the Prelim Round.

Qualifying Countries and Territories
  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Bulgaria
  • Brazil
  • Brunei
  • Canada
  • China
  • Czech Republic
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Hong Kong
  • Hungary
  • Indonesia
  • Israel
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Malaysia
  • Mexico
  • Philippines
  • Republic of Korea
  • Poland
  • Russia
  • Singapore
  • Slovakia
  • Spain
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand
  • United Kingdom
  • United States of America
  • Vietnam


For Special Cases (Dual Citizenship, Living in Another Country)

Competing in a National Contest

National Contests are for the contestants of a country (its citizens and residents).

A contestant can only compete in a National Contest of the country they have citizenship in or reside in currently (permanent residence or long-term visa holders like work (also working holiday), student, spouse and child of citizen visas). Visitors or sightseeing visa holders are not allowed to compete in the National Contest.

Non-Championship Divisions (International Open Division, etc.) are not subject to the rule above.

Regional Contests are not subject to the rule above.

Contestants must follow further rules which are provided by the contest organizers to attendees.


Organizing a National Contest

Organizers can only hold one National Contest per calendar year (same number year, ex. 2014).

Organizers must allow all their citizens and residents to compete or to be subject to compete. However, this rule does not forbid other rules set to limit the Contestants by previous contest results, pre-registration, or other rule violations/violators.

If the Organizers know a Contestant has already competed in another National Contest for that year, they must reject their participation, except in Non-Championship Divisions (International Open Division, etc.).

If the Organizer fails to follow that rule, the seeding from the country to the World Contest can be canceled for that year (or future years).

If a National Contest Organizer chooses to have multiple contests to determine the national ranking, we ask that they please consult IYYF beforehand.


Seeding for the World Contest

The winners of National Contest Championship Divisions (1A to 5A Divisions) will have a seed spot to the World Contest Semi-Final. Also, the Top 10 of each Division will have a right to compete in the World Contest Prelim Round.

The National Contest must be held between the first day of the previous year’s World Contest and the day before the first day of the current year’s World Contest in order to use its seed spots. For example, any National Contests happening between August 8, 2013, and August 6, 2014, will be subject for seeding to the 2014 World Contest.

In the case that two National Contests from the same country are held within the World Contest Seeding Term, only the first National Contest in the Term can feed its seeds to the World Contest. For example, if the 2013 National Contest is in late 2013 and the 2014 National Contest is in early 2014, both contests are held during the Seeding Term for the 2014 World Contest. Therefore, only the 2013 National Contest will feed its seeds to the 2014 World Contest.

All National Contest Organizers must report to IYYF their Champions and the top 10 Contestants of all Championship Divisions within a month after their National Contest is held.

Only Champions will be granted the seed spots. Even if the Champion gives up, withdraws, dies, chooses not to compete, or already has the seed from a previous world title, the seed spot does not pass to second place. The only cases in which the second place can take the seed spot are as follows: if the Champion does not have a right to receive the seed (see Dual Citizenship/Non-Citizen Resident rule below) or the Champion gets disqualified after the contest.


Through Multi-National Contests

The Top 10 of each Division who are from countries that do not have a National Contest approved by IYYF will have a right to compete in the World Contest Prelim Round. The current MNC’s are Asia-Pacific (AP) and EYYC (European) Championships. In the case that you compete legally in two MNC’s which feed their seed spots to the same World Contest, you will have a chance to acquire a seed spot only in the first MNC. You can still compete in other MNC’s, but you will not receive a seed for placing in the second MNC.


For Dual Citizenship Holders and Residents of Countries of Which They Are a Non-Citizen

If you have dual citizenship or live in another country, you must choose one National Contest to compete in for the year. You have a right to choose one, but not to compete in both. You can make this decision each year individually. For example, you can be the 2018 Japan Champion and the 2019 USA Champion, but you cannot be both the 2019 Japan and USA Champions.

In the case that you compete legally in two National Contests which feed their seed spots to the same World Contest, for example 2018 Germany and 2019 Japan, you will have a chance to acquire a seed spot only in the first National Contest (in this case, the 2018 German National Contest). You can still compete in the 2019 Japan National Contest, but you will not receive a seed for winning the 2019 Japan National Contest.

There are some exceptions to this rule. The Hong Kong Contest traditionally allows Mainland Chinese players to compete. However, only Hong Kong ID holders can acquire a seed spot and top 10 position through the Hong Kong Contest.


Each contestant has a right to a chance to compete for only one National Champion Title each year.

Each contestant has only one chance to try to get a Seed Spot through National Contests for a single World Contest.


If a Contestant violates the rule (and/or others) and competes in more than one National Contest in the same year, the contestant will be subject to the cancellation of one or both (or more, if applicable) of their titles, and ultimately may not be eligible to compete in future National/World level contests. That decision is left to the discretion of IYYF.


Rules are subject to change at any time, for any reason, at the discretion of IYYF.