About IYYF


IYYF is an international nonprofit organization that unites national associations and is designed to become the governing body for yo-yoing as a sport.

Mission Statement

The International Yo-Yo Federation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to developing and promoting yo-yoing as a sport on a global level.

We aim to achieve this mission by uniting national organizations and working together to advance the following goals:

  • Improve yo-yoing on a competitive level to motivate current players and attract new ones.
  • Unite and help establish national associations and unions around the world and help them promote yo-yoing, organize national contests and organize local communities in their countries.
  • Improve the presentation of contests, unify the rules and judging system to entertain the public and attract new fans, sponsors and media around the world.
  • Organize and support competitions and activities of worldwide importance.
  • Support yo-yo companies to develop new and innovative designs and products. Help them build their brand and enter new markets and reach new customers.

We know that yo-yo is mainly a toy and hobby, but we believe it is also amazing sports equipment with a great competition scene and huge potential. We will aim to keep this scene and yo-yo community easy to join, and friendly and enjoyed by all people regardless of gender, ethnic background, faith or culture. We are convinced that yo-yoing as a sport should present fair-play, sportsmanship and tolerance.