WYYC2017 Contest Rules


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Freestyle Order

(Last Updated: August 9, 2017)


Championship Divisions

Yo-Yo has various play styles, and in competition there are five main divisions from 1A to 5A. They are separated depending on the number and type of Yo-Yo they use. The winner of each division will be crowned a World Champion title.

*There are no class divisions by gender or age.

  • 1A – String Trick Freestyle with One Long-Spinning Yo-Yo
  • 2A – Looping Trick Freestyle with Two Responsive Yo-Yos
  • 3A – String Trick Freestyle with Two Long-Spinning Yo-Yos
  • 4A – Freestyle with Off String Yo-Yo(s)
  • 5A – Freestyle with Counter-Weight Yo-Yo(s)
  • AP – Art & Performance Division
Freestyle Competition. Technical ability and performance will be scored.

In the Final round, contestants will perform a freestyle routine to music of 3 minutes (Semi-Final: 90 seconds, Prelim: 1 minute, WildCard: 30 seconds), and judges will score Technical Execution, Technical Evaluation and Performance Evaluation.

Depending on their latest contest placement, players will be seeded into different rounds.

Last year’s World Champions are seeded to Finals, National Champions and the Top 3 of Multi-National Contests are seeded to Semi-Finals, and National Contest Top 10 are seeded to Preliminaries. All other contestants must compete from the WildCard Round.

1A-5A Freestyle Scoring Rules

After much discussion among judges all over the world, we have a freestyle scoring criteria change that will be effective starting with this year’s WYYC.

The only changes this year will be with evaluation criteria.

Up Until 2016:

  • Execution
  • Cleanliness
  • Variation
  • Rareness
  • Space Use
  • Music Use
  • Body Control
  • Showmanship

Beginning in 2017:

  • Execution
  • Control (Formerly “Cleanliness.” Name change only)
  • Trick Diversity (Compared to “Variation,” it concentrates on trick choice, trick mix, trick order and trick presentation.)
  • Space Use & Emphasis (Formerly “Space Use.” Name change only)
  • Choreography (Formerly “Music Use.” Concentrates on hitting sounds, beats, cues, etc.)
  • Construction (Formerly “Music Use.” Concentrates on mood, tone, routine, theme, etc.)
  • Body Control
  • Showmanship

Summary of Freestyle Scoring Criteria

Detail of freestyle Rules

AP Division Rules


Non-Championship Divisions

Women’s Freestyle
  • Only women can compete
  • 2 minute freestyle
  • Choose one style from 1A-5A
Over-40 Freestyle
  • Only players 40 years old or older can compete
  • 2 minute freestyle
  • Choose one style from 1A-5A