OWYYC2022 Filming Guidelines and Rules

Please check the rules below before you film your video.

Filming Guidelines

Film in Landscape (Horizontal)
  • Choose high-resolution mode
  • Aspect ratio 16:9
  • At least 1280×720 (Ideal 1920×1080)

Set the Camera Angle
  • Use a tripod or stand to hold the camera/phone in place
  • Do not change the angle or zoom in or out during filming

No editing allowed
  • Movie editing is not allowed
  • Please upload the full recording of your freestyle from the beginning until the end
  • ※IYYF will cut the unnecessary parts at the beginning and end before publishing

Make sure the full string(s) and yo-yo(s) are clearly visible

Bad examples (Do not do this):

  • Too bright
  • String color is too similar to clothing and/or background
  • Too dark
  • With black light (UV Light)

Make sure the camera captures the yo-yo movement well

Bad examples:

  • Yo-Yo is out of the frame
  • Too close
  • Only yo-yo is in the frame
  • Too far

 Framing Sample
  • Play near the center
  • Film in a bright room/outside, so the camera can capture the yo-yo, string, and body movement well.
  • Frame bottom: Feet–knees
  • Frame top: Leave some space above the head
  • Face the direction which best shows your tricks/combos to the camera
  • Make sure you do not have any other people or copyrighted signs/logos/designs anywhere in the screen
  • If there are any issues with the video, we may ask you to re-film and re-submit.
  • Please check all of these notes carefully before and after filming to be sure.