OWYYC2022 Freestyle Music

Please read carefully before you choose your music.

In order to prevent any copyright issues and not being able to share your routine with the world, the IYYF has set the rules as below.


All contestants must use music from the IYYF Music Library 2022.

Songs cannot be altered, edited, connected or remixed. You have to use from the beginning of the music.

[ IYYF Music Library 2022 Prelim ]


FINAL / Women’s / Over 40 / AP

Your music choice must be one of the following two choices:

1. Music from the IYYF Music Library 2022 Final.

[ IYYF Music Library 2022 Final ]

Songs cannot be altered, edited, connected or remixed. You must use it starting at the beginning of the music.


2.Music from one of the web sites below.

Songs cannot be altered, edited, connected or remixed. You must use it starting at the beginning of the music. When you submit your freestyle, you will need to give us the website address and the song track name, so please take note of this information if you are using a song from one of these websites.


Important Notices:

If we find a video with music not from the above, IYYF will cover the music with one of our library songs without notice (in this case, the contestant will get 0 points for their score in the Music Use categories).

If you use music from the above links and YouTube AI still blocks the video due to the music somehow (this can happen by mistake with the YouTube AI), IYYF will cover the music with our choice and reupload, and also, we will submit an objection to YouTube to fix the block (in this case, there will be no penalty to the contestant).

This is an Event Geared Toward All Ages

All contestants must behave in an upstanding, appropriate manner. The contestant must consider their conduct in their freestyle, music content, and behavior on the contest premises.
Music must be suitable for an audience of all ages (including young children and their parents). Contestants who use inappropriate music may be subject to penalty. This includes music with inappropriate words in all languages, obscene language, and inappropriate lyrical content explicit and implied.

Since this is an international contest not all participants speak English, and all come from different cultural contexts of what language is appropriate in this kind of situation. It has been requested that we directly clarify what specific words are not okay to have in freestyle music.

Words subject to penalty (in English here but include the equivalents in other languages not listed) include, but are not limited to, the following:
– kill
– murder
– damn
– sh*t
– f**k/motherf****r
– b*tch (slur for women)
– c*nt (slur for women)
– n***er/n***a (racial slur for Black people)
– f*g/f**got (slur for gay and other LGBTQIA+ people)
– r*tard/r*tarded (slur for intellectually disabled people)

Please see this Wikipedia page for more details and a more complete list:
[ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lists_of_pejorative_terms_for_people ]

Here are some examples of content that is subject to penalty:
Violent and disturbing content:
– bullet sounds and gunshots (or sound effects that may sound like gunshots)
– explosions (or sound effects that may sound like explosions)
– screams
– content glorifying (including but not limited to) violence, rape, suicide, killing, murder, genocide, war

Explicit sexual content:
– lyrics describing or implying sex acts
– heavy breathing, ecstatic noises or screams

Discriminatory content:
– slurs based on race, class, national origin, disability, sex, gender, sexual orientation, religion

Again, this is not a complete list. We did not list all English curse words and slurs here, and there are many more hurtful words that can be subject to penalty. Ultimately, the final decision of whether a freestyle music track is appropriate will be decided by the contest organizers based on what was heard in the song, and on the context of the song. Please understand that this is a case-by-case basis. If you have questions or concerns about certain words or content in your music, please contact us in advance of submitting your freestyle.

Please be aware that this year, beeps/silence/reverse effects etc. used to cover inappropriate word(s) are not allowed. You cannot edit in those kinds of effects either. If the contestant is unsure if their music is suitable, they may request that contest staff review it before submitting their freestyle.
Every year there are contestants who are disqualified, nearly disqualified, or penalized for music problems. If there are questionable words or content in your music we highly suggest that you choose a different song. Again, your music must be suitable for an audience of all ages (including young children and their parents) and that guideline will be strictly enforced.

Regarding Penalty for Inappropriate Music

If it is brought to the attention of contest organizers, staff, and/or judges (by contestants, staff, authorized persons, audience members, judges, etc.) that a contestant’s music is inappropriate, contest staff will promptly check the contestant’s music.
If the contest organizers determine that the music is inappropriate, that contestant will receive 0 points in Music Use categories.
No penalty will be made if a violation is noticed after the results for each round are announced, unless the violation is particularly bad.
Judges will use the submitted song itself as the primary material subject for judgement.
After it has been decided that the song is inappropriate, the contest organizer or designated staff will attempt to inform the relevant contestant before results are announced.
At this time, if the contestant desires to question or explain the circumstances of their music, we ask that they respond promptly to our message. However, even if they provide reference from the song’s composer, lyric writer, record company, and/or lyric notes, such materials may not be considered. The staff’s final decision will be based on what was heard in the originally submitted music.
The decision of contest staff is final and after a penalty is decided it will not be reversed in any case.