OWYYC2022 AP Division Rules

Art & Performance (or AP) is the division in which a player or group of players are judged predominantly on performance rather than technical skill. Choreography, use of music, creative use of the stage, movement and performance will be among the important judging criteria of this division.

In AP, the performer is free from a technical point system and encouraged to use the yo-yo in a creative way. The yo-yo must be an integral/main part of the performance but the performer is free to use it for comedy, drama, to tell a story or to convey an emotion. This division is a showcase of the amazing entertainment possibilities of yo-yo.

The combined elements of Entertainment, Creativity, and Artistic Value are the biggest factors in evaluating a performance. Does the performer connect and interact with the audience in a fun/exciting/surprising way? Was the creative idea/concept behind the performance compelling and did the performer convey that concept to the audience and judges? Does the performer set an atmosphere, display professionalism and mastery of their art, and were the audience and judges moved emotionally by their performance? The judges are looking for all of these things.

The AP Division can look very different from year to year. Therefore, the judges have a great deal of discretion in awarding the prizes. Instead of awarding a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, judges may choose to give an Entertainment Award, a Creativity Award, or an Artistic Award. In addition to these awards, a performance may be so amazing and so compelling that it earns a Grand-Prix Award. There may be years when no performance reaches that level.

  • Grand-Prix Award
  • Creativity Award
  • Artistic Award
  • Entertainment Award

(We may or may not award any of the awards above.)

Explanation of Awards

Entertainment Award

The key point for this award is, “The people watching the performance.”

We are looking for whether each competitor’s performance has the power to delight and entertain the judges, audience, yo-yo players and non-yo-yo people.

Of course, in order to be entertaining, one great method is for the act to be funny, but that is not the only important thing.

The power of the performance must be directed toward the spectators in the audience and be used to stimulate their emotions. We are looking for if they were successful at making the audience’s time watching their freestyle enjoyable.

Artistic Award

The key point for this award is, “Beauty of expression/presentation; high level of artistry.”
Drawing a line against our usual standards for competitive yo-yoing, we are specifically looking for a high level of beauty and expression in the competitor’s performance.
We are looking for a performance that is constructed with:

  • a high level of coordination and harmony with the music
  • a high level of presentation in the performer’s tricks (e.x. synchronicity of movement, beauty of trajectory)
  • good space usage of the stage area
  • a powerful message

Using these elements, the performance must surpass a “regular yo-yo freestyle,” and use the expression of their yo-yo play to pull at the judges’ and audience’s heartstrings.

*We are not here to define the meaning of “Beauty” or “Art” in general. The “Beauty” and “Art” discussed here are restricted to within the context of yo-yo performing.

Creativity Award

The key point for this award is, “Originality/uniqueness in expression/presentation; freshness.”

The theory for an average yo-yo performance is, simply “keep doing tricks along with the music.”

However, we are looking for something that deviates from that theory, and exhibits new possibilities for yo-yo performance. That is the main criteria for this award.

We are looking for something that didn’t exist up until now, a totally new method of expression and/or way to use yo-yo, and whether the performance executes that concept well.

The following are methods that may apply to this award:

  • A type of yo-yo expression we have seen before in the past, but which is creatively remixed with another artistic concept (ex. visual effects, dance, song, juggling, magic, etc.) in a new way.
  • The performer deviates from the above basic theory and creates a totally new performance or new way of expression with yo-yos.

Pertaining to all of the above three awards:

  • Each award is not just about whether a performance was a “fun/entertaining,” “artistic,” or “creative” performance. It is about whether it was a “fun/entertaining,” “artistic,” or “creative” “Yo-Yo” performance. Yo-Yo must be the main element of the performance. If the performance is judged to not contain enough actual yo-yo content, it may not be considered for an award for that reason. Please be aware that this also may affect a Prelim video submission’s eligibility in qualifying for the final round.
  • Many qualifications for each award may overlap. It is likely that a performance with a high level of artistry may also have a high entertainment factor.

Of course, there is a possibility of having multiple awards awarded to one freestyle, but at the same time, the judges will decide the winner based on which criteria in the freestyle is the most worthy of being awarded.

In addition, on the occasion that a performance meets the criteria of all of the above three awards and/or displays a high level of mastery in more than one of them, that performance may be suitable to be awarded the Grand Prix Award.

General Rules

The performances can be up to 3 minutes in length.

Except for the safety issues listed below, there are no particular limits on props that a contestant may use. The use of any unusual props should be cleared in advance with the Contest Director. No props that can cause danger to the performer, audience or venue will be allowed. This includes but is not limited to the use of fire, pyrotechnics or knives.

Teams are allowed to compete, however only one trophy or medal will be awarded to the winning performer/team.
Assistants will be considered to be team members and therefore they will be allowed to perform yo-yo maneuvers.

Each routine will be judged and ranked in comparison to other routines of the current year only. Comparisons to past years will not be made.

Since it is an International audience and panel of judges, the performances should be universal enough to be understood by all.

The contents of the performance must not make fun of, insult, harm, or discriminate on the basis of (including but not limited to) race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, sexual orientation, disability, age, and national origin (ancestry). Offending performances will be disqualified at the discretion of the judges.

AP is a Yo-Yo Contest Division

AP is not only about performance, but it also exists upon the premise that this is a YO-YO CONTEST DIVISION.

  • Yo-Yo must be the main focus.
  • You can integrate other skills like dancing, acting, miming, etc., but yo-yo must be the dominant act, not peripheral.
  • You do not need to perform difficult tricks, many tricks, or many variations, but you are expected to display a very high level of mastery and polished yo-yo skill of what you do in the performance in order to be a champion of the Online World Yo-Yo Contest.
  • There will be no deduction for misses. However, be aware that a miss can disrupt the show, tone or story very easily. We expect the contestant to have ZERO or close to zero mistakes in their routine, just like professional performers in the circus or a performance showcase.


Additional Rules for the Online World Yo-Yo Contest

  • Maximum video length: 3 minutes
  • Video editing, transitions, and sound/visual effects ARE allowed
  • Submission deadline is the same as 1A-5A Final round
  • If you are competing as a team, only the Representative Member needs to pay the Division fee.
  • An AP submission can include multiple players (please list all the participating contestant names when you submit your entry)
  • The same music rules as other divisions also apply to AP submissions. Please check the Freestyle Music Guidelines carefully to make sure your music is okay to use.
  • Please also check the Filming Guidelines and Rules for some good general advice before filming, but you don’t need to follow the framing exactly.

Due to the nature of this being an online contest and AP being scored more subjectively than other divisions, we encourage being more creative with how you film and present your performance. A stage performance presentation like in previous years is okay, and we also welcome entries that are more cinematic in nature (think, has a theme/story, etc.). For AP in OWYYC, you have a lot more freedom to try new things. As previously mentioned, we are allowing video editing, transitions, and sound/visual effects for AP videos only. That said, this is not a video editing contest. You will be judged primarily on the yo-yo content of your submission, so please make sure it is the star of your video.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with!