Before You Register for OWYYC2022

A note about participation in OWYYC 2022:

The ongoing war in Ukraine is of great concern to the entire organizing team of the OWYYC, and we’ve been contacted by many players asking us to take one action or another in response. We’ve discussed this at great length and have decided on a position that we feel benefits everyone.

For the foreseeable future, competitors in OWYYC will only be listed by name, not by country. We believe all yoyo players belong in our community, regardless of their place of birth or residence. As long as they behave in a sportsmanlike manner, we will not hold individual players responsible for the actions of their governments.

That said, we also believe strongly in offering assistance to those in need. For the 2022 Online World YoYo Contest, the IYYF will donate $10 from each registration fee to charities providing aid to Ukraine. We will consult with experts to determine the most effective charity to support, and will make sure all donation accounting is public for the sake of transparency.

If we restricted players based on the actions of their governments, almost no one would be left to compete. Our hope is that by creating a kind and welcoming international environment, we can help foster the next generation of policymakers worldwide who carry greater compassion and perspective than those currently in power.

We understand that our decision may not please everyone, and we welcome constructive criticism as well as ideas on how to handle this kind of conflict in the future. Please reach out to owyyc2022 AT with any thoughts or suggestions.

Thank you.

Deadline of Registration and Video Upload for Prelim is September 1.