We hope everyone is taking care during this time of great uncertainty.
As you may know, due to the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic, World Yo-Yo Contest 2020 in Budapest has been officially postponed to the summer of 2021. Also, there are many national contests that have been cancelled or rescheduled around the world.

Therefore, we have adjusted our yearly World Yo-Yo Contest seeding rules as follows:

Seeding from National Contests (NC)

Originally, NCs which were held between WYYC2019 and WYYC2020 would have seeded to WYYC2020 Budapest and NCs which were held between WYYC2020 and WYYC2021 would have seeded to WYYC2021 Tokyo.

Now, NCs will seed to the nearest WYYC like this:
– NCs between WYYC2019 and summer 2020 seed to WYYC2021 Budapest
– NCs between summer 2020 and WYYC2021 also seed to WYYC2021 Budapest
– NCs between WYYC2021 and WYYC2022 seed to WYYC2022 Tokyo

Here are some clarifications about this rule adjustment:
We expect that not many NCs will be held in 2020. However, if the health and safety of participants can be guaranteed and if the situation allows, the IYYF would encourage NC organizers to run their contest. Also, having a seed to WYYC is a national champion’s privilege we respect. Therefore, we will grant all the national champions between WYYC2019 and WYYC2021 a seed to WYYC2021.
With this adjustment, some countries may possibly have 2 NCs that can seed to 2021 Budapest (not 3 NCs).
NCs must be a different year number for both to seed to WYYC2021 Budapest from the same country.
Even if the same player wins 2 NCs, the 2nd NC seed will not transfer to the 2nd place winner.

For example:
– Country-A NC in Oct. 2019 seeds to WYYC2021 Budapest (Assuming no 2020)
– Country-B NC in June 2021 seeds to WYYC2021 Budapest (Assuming no 2020)
– Country-C NC in Oct. 2020 and June 2021 both seed to WYYC2021 (Assuming both 2020 & 2021 exist)

<Seeding Rules>

All 1A-5A Division National Contest Champions will be seeded into the Semi-Final Round, and their Top 10 will be seeded into the Prelim Round.


Seeding from WYYC2019

Champions and finalists from WYYC2019 (the previous WYYC) will be seeded to WYYC2021 Budapest as usual.

<Seeding Rules>

For 1A-5A Divisions:
1st place – Seed to Final
2nd & 3rd place – Seed to Semi-Final
Other Finalists – Seed to Prelim

The 2019 AP Division Grand-Prix Champion will be seeded to WYYC2021 Final.


Seeding from Multi-National Contests (MNC)

Same as National Contest seeding, all AP2020 (canceled), EYYC2020 (postponed), EYYC2021, and AP2021 will seed to WYYC2021 Budapest.

<Seeding Rules>

If a contestant from a country which does not have a National Contest places in the Top 10 at an MNC, the contestant will be seeded to the Prelim Round.

Fore more details about seeding rules, please check the latest seeding rules page.

If you have any questions, please use this form to contact us.

The IYYF and WYYC teams are hoping for the best that there will be a quick end to this pandemic, and that everyone is staying safe and healthy during this difficult time. Meanwhile, we are working hard to get ready to host WYYC in Budapest in 2021 and Tokyo in 2022. See you at the World Yo-Yo Contest!

Given the current circumstances regarding the spread of the novel corona virus (COVID-19), the IYYF has decided to postpone the World Yo-Yo Contest 2020 in Budapest to the summer of 2021. The new WYYC planned schedule is as follows:

  • Summer 2020 (Postponed to 2021)
  • Summer 2021 in Budapest, Hungary
  • Summer 2022 in Japan

Once we know the detailed dates for the future World Yo-Yo Contest and have made the necessary seeding rule adjustments, we will announce here.


Our favourite time of the year is in August when we get together with hundreds of passionate yo-yo players for the World YoYo Contest. After a lot of discussion, in the present circumstances and based on the information of medical professionals around the world we have to postpone the Budapest contest to summer 2021 due to widespread concerns about COVID-19.

We couldn’t ask competitors, audience, judges and our staff to make summer travel plans in this time of uncertainty.

For players who have already registered to compete: we will transfer your registration to the new date of the Budapest World YoYo Contest.

We will continue to work through this situation and will keep you updated as further arrangements are made.

See you soon in Budapest and stay safe!


In the interest of continuing to guarantee fairness for all National Contests that are recognized by the IYYF as officially seeding to the World Yo-Yo Contest, we have some new rules that we are putting in place. These rules are effective immediately, and should pose no issues for contest organizers while also helping to maintain a clearer standard of excellence for all existing events.

1. All National Yo-Yo Contests recognized by the IYYF and seeding players to Multi-National or World events must adhere to whatever IYYF rules and guidelines are in-place at the time of the event. To accommodate events of different sizes, contest organizers may request a variance to specific rules by contacting the IYYF Board of Directors for approval.

2. National Yo-Yo Contest results may not be combined with any other event results to determine what players are seeded and eligible to compete at the World Yo-Yo Contest. Countries may combine results from multiple events for their internal titles and prizes, but only the stand-alone results from the single, recognized National Contest, run to IYYF standards, may be used to determine seeding eligibility.

3. If evidence is presented to the IYYF to indicate any issues with the accuracy of scores, either intentional or by accident, it will trigger an audit whereby an IYYF representative must oversee scoring at the event in question in order to maintain recognized seeding status. If the audit is refused, the contest will no longer be recognized as an official National event, and winners will no longer be seeded to Multi-National or World contests until the National event in question has been brought back into compliance.

We hope these new policies will help allay any fears that players might have about the validity of event results, and welcome any feedback from contest organizers to continue making sure that their events are held to IYYF standards.

WYYC2020 will be held in Budapest, Hungary.
WYYC2021 will be in Japan.

IYYF is proud to introduce the host countries of the 2020 & 2021 World Yo-Yo Contests. WYYC2020 will be held in Budapest, Hungary, and WYYC2021 will be held in Japan.
Further details will be announced when they have been confirmed. Keep your eye on www.iyyf.org for news.

WYYC Proposal Process Change

We have had many discussions among the IYYF board on how to decide the location and team for running WYYC. Each year there are many exciting location options, yet at the same time there are many challenges and difficulties that come with running the contest in a different place every time.
Learning from our experiences over the course of the past five years organizing WYYC, we decided to reevaluate our situation and have, as a result, revised our decision plan.

Here are some changes about how the WYYC location will be chosen in the future.

1. We will no longer be bound to the three-year cycle of Americas, Europe and Asia.
2. We are no longer accepting proposal documents for new locations in the same way that we have in the past.
3. If you are interested in running WYYC in your country, please contact us so we can discuss the possibilities; we will also ask serious applicants to join the current WYYC organizing team as a core member.

This way, the IYYF team can better share its knowledge, resources, and get to know new members through working together with them. New members will be able to learn more from current organizers and work alongside them to help run WYYC. Essentially, instead of asking other people to struggle and come up with ideas by themselves, we have decided to welcome more people so we can diversify our team and work closely together for future contests. In the long run, we hope to better ensure stability, consistency, and increase the quality of the event year to year.

Thank you, as always, for your participation in the World Yo-Yo Contest. None of this would be possible without your involvement and support. We look forward to being able to bring WYYC to even more places around the globe, and we hope you’ll join us on that journey!

IYYF had its third General Meeting in Shanghai, China, on August 11, 2018.
We elected the next Executive Board and its Audit Committee, to serve a two-year term from September 1, 2018, until August 31, 2020.

Executive Board Members:

  • Ondra Sedivy (Czech Republic)
  • Hironori Mii (Japan)
  • Steve Brown (USA)

Audit Committee:

  • Simon Blount (UK)
  • Nathan Crissey (USA)
  • Stuart Brown (Australia)

IYYF will apply new seeding rules for World Yo-Yo Contest 2018.

1st place – Seed to Final (Same as before)
2nd & 3rd place – Seed to Semi-Final (New)
Other Finalists – Seed to Prelim (New)

AP/EYYC (Multi-National Contests, a.k.a. MNC)
Top 3 are no longer seeded to Semi-Final.
Top 10 – Seed to Prelim (Only if your country does not have a NC)

National Contests
1st place – Seed to Semi-Final (Same as before)
2nd to 10th place – Seed to Prelim (Same as before)

Seed Sliding Rule with WYYC top 3:
If one of the WYYC top 3 takes their own national title, their redundant seed from nationals goes to the player who is the next best.
If the WYYC top 3 take all top 3 places of their national contest, 4th place of the national contest will get the seed for WYYC.

This rule encourages players who got top 3 at WYYC to compete in their national contests to seek their national title without disadvantaging their own country’s seeding situation.

This sliding rule does not apply to seeding for NC top 10 or WYYC finalists, and furthermore does not apply to any other circumstances such as a seeded player choosing not to compete (for any reason), forfeiting their seed, etc.

Under the new seeding rules, this is the seeding for the top 3 players from WYYC2017 to WYYC2018.

1. Shion Araya (Seeded to Final)
2. Andrew Bergen (Seeded to Semi)
3. Gentry Stein (Seeded to Semi)

1. Shu Takada (Seeded to Final)
2. Hiraku Fujii (Seeded to Semi)
3. Takuma Yamamoto (Seeded to Semi)

1. Hajime Miura (Seeded to Final)
2. Minato Furuta (Seeded to Semi)
3. Alex Hattori (Seeded to Semi)

1. Rei Iwakura (Seeded to Final)
2. Michael Nakamura (Seeded to Semi)
3. Chen Zhao (Seeded to Semi)

1. Takuma Inoue (Seeded to Final)
2. Naoya Takeuchi (Seeded to Semi)
3. Hideo Ishida (Seeded to Semi)

Since Chen Zhao is the winner of CYCC2017 which is seeding players to WYYC2018, 2nd place in CYCC2017, Zhe Chen will be seeded to WYYC2018 for the China National seed.

World Yo-Yo Contest 2018 will be held in Shanghai, China, in August of 2018.

The particular dates and venue details are coming soon.


WYYC2018 Official Web Site


WYYC2018 Official Instagram

WYYC2018 Official Facebook

WYYC2018 Official Twitter

Here is the page for the contest rules for the World Yo-Yo Contest 2017 in Iceland.

WYYC2017 Contest Rules

In particular, the deadline for AP Division video submissions is very close. Please make sure you check the dates and submit on-time if you plan to compete in the AP Division.

For any other information aside from the Contest Rules, please visit the WYYC2017 official web site.

World Yo-Yo Contest 2017

After much discussion among judges all over the world, we have a freestyle scoring criteria change that will be effective starting with this year’s WYYC.

The only changes this year will be with evaluation criteria.

Up Until 2016:

  • Execution
  • Cleanliness
  • Variation
  • Rareness
  • Space Use
  • Music Use
  • Body Control
  • Showmanship

Beginning in 2017:

  • Execution
  • Control (Formerly “Cleanliness.” Name change only)
  • Trick Diversity (Compared to “Variation,” it concentrates on trick choice, trick mix, trick order and trick presentation.)
  • Space Use & Emphasis (Formerly “Space Use.” Name change only)
  • Choreography (Formerly “Music Use.” Concentrates on hitting sounds, beats, cues, etc.)
  • Construction (Formerly “Music Use.” Concentrates on mood, tone, routine, theme, etc.)
  • Body Control
  • Showmanship

Detailed rules are coming soon.