Adjusted Seeding Rules for WYYC2022 Japan

We hope everyone is taking good care of themselves and their loved ones.
Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, World Yo-Yo Contest 2021 in Budapest has been officially cancelled.
Also, there are many national contests that have been cancelled or not scheduled around the world.

Therefore, we have re-adjusted our yearly World Yo-Yo Contest seeding rules as follows:

Seeding from National Contests (NC)

Originally, NCs which were held between WYYC2019 and WYYC2020 would have seeded to WYYC2020 Budapest and NCs which were held between WYYC2020 and WYYC2021 would have seeded to WYYC2021 Japan.

Now, all NCs will seed to WYYC 2022 Japan:
– NCs between WYYC 2019 and summer 2020 seed to WYYC 2022 Japan
– NCs between summer 2020 and (canceled) WYYC 2021 also seed to WYYC 2022 Japan
– NCs between (canceled) WYYC 2021 and WYYC 2022 seed to WYYC 2022 Japan as usual

Here are some clarifications about this rule adjustment:
We are aware that there were/are not many NCs held in 2020 & 2021. However, if the health and safety of participants can be guaranteed and if the situation allows, the IYYF would encourage NC organizers to run their contest. Also, having a seed to WYYC is a national champion’s privilege we respect. Therefore, we will grant all the national champions between WYYC2019 and WYYC2022 a seed to WYYC2022.
With this adjustment, some countries may possibly have 3 NCs that can seed to 2022 Japan (not 4 NCs).
NCs must be a different year number to seed to WYYC2022 Japan from the same country.
Even if the same player wins 2 or 3 NCs, the 2nd or 3rd NC seed will not transfer to the 2nd place winner(s).

For example:
– Country-A NC in Oct. 2019 seeds to WYYC2022 Japan
– Country-B NC in June 2021 seeds to WYYC2022 Japan
– Country-C NC in Oct. 2020 and June 2021 both seed to WYYC2022 Japan

<Seeding Rules>

All 1A-5A Division National Contest Champions will be seeded into the Semi-Final Round, and their Top 10 will be seeded into the Prelim Round.


Seeding from WYYC2019

Champions and finalists from WYYC2019 (the previous WYYC) will be seeded to WYYC2022 Japan as usual.

<Seeding Rules>

For 1A-5A Divisions:
1st place – Seed to Final
2nd & 3rd place – Seed to Semi-Final
Other Finalists – Seed to Prelim

The 2019 AP Division Grand-Prix Champion will be seeded to WYYC2022 Final.


Seeding from Multi-National Contests (MNC)

Same as National Contest seeding, all AP and EYYC will seed to WYYC2022 Japan. See rules below.

<Seeding Rules>

If a contestant from a country which does not have a National Contest places in the Top 10 at an MNC, the contestant will be seeded to the Prelim Round.

For more details about seeding rules, please check the latest seeding rules page.

If you have any questions, please use this form to contact us.

The IYYF and WYYC teams are hoping for the best that there will be a quick end to this pandemic, and that everyone is staying safe and healthy during this difficult time. Meanwhile, we are working hard to get ready to host WYYC in Japan in 2022. See you at the World Yo-Yo Contest!