Online World Yo-Yo Contest 2021

Hello, yo-yo friends all over the world!

We hope you are doing well considering the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

It’s been a difficult year and a half for many, and at this point we all could sure use something fun to lift our spirits and bring back a feeling of normalcy. Unfortunately, due to slow vaccine rollout around the world, we decided that the safest option this year was to cancel the in-person WYYC2021 event in Budapest. Of course, that means we’re sad that we can’t meet up face to face to compete, cheer each other on, and swap tricks.

But fear not! In place of the usual World Contest, we’re going to try something new this year that we hope will satisfy yo-yo competitors, spectators, and fans alike.

We’re calling it the Online World Yo-Yo Contest 2021. This IYYF officially sanctioned online contest will be open to all yo-yo players worldwide, so anyone can compete. This is your chance to take part, especially if you’ve never been to WYYC or entered a contest before, or don’t usually have the means to travel far to a physical contest. We hope to see entries from many new contestants from all over the globe!

Here is a summary of our contest plans:

  • Name: Online World Yo-Yo Contest 2021 (“Online Worlds”)
  • Hashtag: #OWYYC2021


  • In June: More contest details will be announced
  • July 15: Entry submission starts for Prelims
  • July 31: Submission Deadline for Prelims
  • August 15: Result Announcement for Prelims
  • August 31: Submission Deadline for Semi-Finals/Women/Over 40
  • September 15: Result Announcement for Semi-Finals
  • September 30: Submission Deadline for Finals/AP
  • October 15: Result Announcement for Finals

* The timeline is subject to change

Contest Divisions:

  • 1A Division
  • 2A Division
  • 3A Division
  • 4A Division
  • 5A Division
  • AP (Art & Performance)
  • Women’s Freestyle
  • Over 40 Freestyle

Eligible Contestants:

  • Everyone in the world is encouraged to join! We hope to welcome everyone from first timers to world champions.
  • Contestants can compete in multiple divisions.


  • IYYF Official Judges just like the usual World Yo-Yo Contest (WYYC)


  • Champion will be “Online World Contest Winner,” not “2021 World Champion”
  • Seeding to WYYC2022
    • 1A-5A Division Champions seed to the WYYC2022 Semi-Final Round
    • Top 10 finalists of 1A-5A Divisions seed to the WYYC2022 Prelim Round
  • More details to be announced soon.

Contest Format:

1A-5A Divisions:

  • Same rules as WYYC2019
  • Prelim: 1-minute freestyle
  • Semi-Final: 90-second freestyle
  • Final: 3-minute freestyle


  • Maximum video length: 5 minutes
  • Video editing, transitions, and sound/visual effects ARE allowed
  • Submission deadline is the same as 1A-5A Final round
  • An AP submission can include multiple players (please list all the participating contestant names when you submit your entry)

Women / Over 40:

  • Same rules as WYYC2019
  • Final only: 2-minute freestyle
  • Submission deadline is the same as 1A-5A Semi-Final round
  • You must be 40 or above on August 31, 2021 in order to compete in Over 40 Freestyle

Filming Rules:

  • Security and safety first
  • Each contestant uploads their freestyle(s) as a video, submitted directly to IYYF.
  • No editing, no cuts, no effects, no camera transitions (except for the AP Division)
  • Contestants can film as many times as they need to be satisfied with their freestyle quality.
  • Major Deductions will be judged. We suggest that contestants not have any yo-yo stops or change outs if they are seeking a better score.
  • IYYF will add sponsor banners at the beginning, during, and at the end of the video.
  • If the sound and video quality is not good enough, IYYF may adjust the quality or ask the player to resubmit.
  • More details to be announced soon.

Music Rules:

Due to the nature of video upload, we have new rules about music choice for this contest.

  • Prelim: Music provided by IYYF only
  • Semi-Final and Final: Music provided by IYYF or copyright/license free music
  • Entries with any other music will NOT be allowed.
  • The contestant will be held responsible if the music is cut/muted or the video is removed by YouTube, and the contestant may receive 0 points for the Music Use category if the music is removed/muted by YouTube. In this case, IYYF will apply other music and reupload the freestyle (we will also announce on the video itself that the music has been replaced).

Entry Fees:

  • US$30 for each division submission (1A-5A, AP, Women, & Over 40)
  • One AP submission can have multiple players in the video, and it will count as only one fee (US$30 total)

Those are the basics. We will announce more details soon, but take this as a sign that you can start practicing and working on your freestyles! We’re so excited to see what everyone brings to the table!

We’re looking forward to your participation in the Online World Yo-Yo Contest 2021!