Updates on Online Worlds #OWYYC2021

We have 3 announcements today about OWYYC2021

1. Cloud Native Inc. will be the title sponsor for OWYYC2021!
They also supported WYYC2019! Please welcome Cloud Native as our top sponsor! Thank you for your generous support of our community!

2. IYYF music library is ready!
You can choose your music from this 120+ music collection.
You cannot edit or mix songs for the Prelim round at OWYYC2021, so please be careful (editing and mixing is permitted for the Semi Final and Final rounds only).

3. There are big prizes for the winners of OWYYC2021!
The five champions of 1A-5A will get a free flight to WYYC2022 in Japan.
Also, ONE highest ranking contestant in 1A-5A who has never attended any WYYC previously will also win a free flight.
*You can only get this prize if you compete at WYYC2022. This prize will not fall back to 2nd place even if the champion cannot attend and compete at WYYC2022.

Official web site and more details are coming soon.