New Seeding Rules for WYYC2018

IYYF will apply new seeding rules for World Yo-Yo Contest 2018.

1st place – Seed to Final (Same as before)
2nd & 3rd place – Seed to Semi-Final (New)
Other Finalists – Seed to Prelim (New)

AP/EYYC (Multi-National Contests, a.k.a. MNC)
Top 3 are no longer seeded to Semi-Final.
Top 10 – Seed to Prelim (Only if your country does not have a NC)

National Contests
1st place – Seed to Semi-Final (Same as before)
2nd to 10th place – Seed to Prelim (Same as before)

Seed Sliding Rule with WYYC top 3:
If one of the WYYC top 3 takes their own national title, their redundant seed from nationals goes to the player who is the next best.
If the WYYC top 3 take all top 3 places of their national contest, 4th place of the national contest will get the seed for WYYC.

This rule encourages players who got top 3 at WYYC to compete in their national contests to seek their national title without disadvantaging their own country’s seeding situation.

This sliding rule does not apply to seeding for NC top 10 or WYYC finalists, and furthermore does not apply to any other circumstances such as a seeded player choosing not to compete (for any reason), forfeiting their seed, etc.

Under the new seeding rules, this is the seeding for the top 3 players from WYYC2017 to WYYC2018.

1. Shion Araya (Seeded to Final)
2. Andrew Bergen (Seeded to Semi)
3. Gentry Stein (Seeded to Semi)

1. Shu Takada (Seeded to Final)
2. Hiraku Fujii (Seeded to Semi)
3. Takuma Yamamoto (Seeded to Semi)

1. Hajime Miura (Seeded to Final)
2. Minato Furuta (Seeded to Semi)
3. Alex Hattori (Seeded to Semi)

1. Rei Iwakura (Seeded to Final)
2. Michael Nakamura (Seeded to Semi)
3. Chen Zhao (Seeded to Semi)

1. Takuma Inoue (Seeded to Final)
2. Naoya Takeuchi (Seeded to Semi)
3. Hideo Ishida (Seeded to Semi)

Since Chen Zhao is the winner of CYCC2017 which is seeding players to WYYC2018, 2nd place in CYCC2017, Zhe Chen will be seeded to WYYC2018 for the China National seed.