National Contest Seeding Additional Guidelines 2019

In the interest of continuing to guarantee fairness for all National Contests that are recognized by the IYYF as officially seeding to the World Yo-Yo Contest, we have some new rules that we are putting in place. These rules are effective immediately, and should pose no issues for contest organizers while also helping to maintain a clearer standard of excellence for all existing events.

1. All National Yo-Yo Contests recognized by the IYYF and seeding players to Multi-National or World events must adhere to whatever IYYF rules and guidelines are in-place at the time of the event. To accommodate events of different sizes, contest organizers may request a variance to specific rules by contacting the IYYF Board of Directors for approval.

2. National Yo-Yo Contest results may not be combined with any other event results to determine what players are seeded and eligible to compete at the World Yo-Yo Contest. Countries may combine results from multiple events for their internal titles and prizes, but only the stand-alone results from the single, recognized National Contest, run to IYYF standards, may be used to determine seeding eligibility.

3. If evidence is presented to the IYYF to indicate any issues with the accuracy of scores, either intentional or by accident, it will trigger an audit whereby an IYYF representative must oversee scoring at the event in question in order to maintain recognized seeding status. If the audit is refused, the contest will no longer be recognized as an official National event, and winners will no longer be seeded to Multi-National or World contests until the National event in question has been brought back into compliance.

We hope these new policies will help allay any fears that players might have about the validity of event results, and welcome any feedback from contest organizers to continue making sure that their events are held to IYYF standards.