Rules for Online National Contest to have Seeding to WYYC

Dear fellow national contest organizers,

Just like we have struggled with being able to run WYYC under current circumstances, we are sure everyone is having hard time to run their own national contests.

If you are running a national contest as an online contest for your country and are seeking seed spots for WYYC, please follow the guidelines below.

30 days before your online national contest (or first round video submission deadline), please submit the following:

  • Main organizer’s name:
  • Organization name:
  • Country:
  • Name of contest (English):
  • Name of contest (local language):
  • Web site URL:
  • Name of Judges (as many as you know/have already confirmed as attending):
  • Date of your Contest Results Announcement:

Within 15 days after your national contest (or result announcement), please submit the following:

  • Name of champions (in all divisions):
  • Name of the top 10 contestants (in all A divisions):
  • Video link to champions’ freestyles (in all divisions):
  • Link to official results posted on your contest web site:
  • List of judges with their email addresses:
  • Judge score spreadsheet file(s) including all judge names attached:

Please send your complete information from this contact form.

If you fail to report this information, your online national contest may not be eligible for seed spots for WYYC.

*Our ultimate goal as a sports governing body is to facilitate in-person contests. For that reason, our decision to accept seeds from online national contests is a temporary solution for our current situation. We may cancel this in future years with advance notice.