WYYC proposal deadline change

We have had many inquiries and ideas for running WYYC in a different place from many enthusiastic people. However, after a few rounds of application submission, we realized the allotted time was not enough for people to fully prepare their proposals. Again, we have decided to set the submission deadline back further, starting with the current application round.

2019 Americas:
Feb. 28, 2017: Deadline for the proposals (We extended the deadline until April 1, 2017)
August, 2017: Announcement at WYYC2017 in Iceland

2020 Europe:
Feb 28, 2018: Deadline for the proposals
August, 2018: Announcement at WYYC2018 in Shanghai

2021 Asia:
Feb. 28, 2019: Deadline for the proposals
August, 2019: Announcement at WYYC2019 in Americas (location to be determined)