Change in WYYC15 seeding from Multi-National Contests

Previously for WYYC14, MNC Champions were seeded to the FINALS of the World Yo-Yo Contest.

Starting with World Yo-Yo Contest 2015, the Top 3 in each division of each MNC will instead be seeded to the SEMI-FINALS of WYYC15.

EYYC (Poland), AP (Singapore), Las Vegas Open (United States) and Latin America (Mexico) are the qualifying Multi-National Contests for WYYC15.

Not only EYYC, AP and Pan-America, but in the near future, we see a strong possibility of other regions being able to host their own MNC. Therefore, in order to accommodate all MNCs to be seeded to the World Contest, IYYF has decided to seed the MNC winners to the semi-finals instead. Furthermore, we value the quality of skill and performance of the top placing winners of MNCs and have decided to seed the top 3 from each division of all MNCs.

*Previous year’s World Champions are still seeded to the finals as they were in past years.
*National Champions remain seeded to the Semi-Finals, as they were last year.