Contest Rule Structures

Championship division must be one the following format starting 2018. (Until then, the rule is suggested guideline)

Yo-Yo Usage

Organizer must allow players to use any yo-yos they like. Except the following situation.

  • The yo-yo itself has very bad quality and may cause a damage on the audience, property, or staff.
  • The manufacturer or its team violates major rule or agreement against the NC organizer or IYYF.

Championship Structures

Format 1 – Major Contests

Ex: WYYC, all MNCs, US Nationals, Japan Nationals and etc.

  • All 5 divisions must be held
  • 1 min prelim (4+ judges)
  • 3min final (4+ judges)

Format 2

  • 1A + X division


Format 3

  • Unified Freestyle Division