World Yo-Yo Contest

The World Yo-Yo Contest is the largest gathering of competitive yo-yo players and fans in the world. More than 1000 yo-yo players from 30+ countries and regions, including Japan, USA, Iceland, China, Czech Republic, Singapore, Mexico, Russia, Brazil, and many more, come to see the world’s top players to battle in six divisions for the World Yo-Yo Champion title. Each year brings with it new events and innovations such as workshops, museum exhibits, battle contests, trick exhibition, makers booths, and new competitive divisions.

The World Yo-Yo Contest has a long and proud history, with activity dating back as far as 1932. The modern World Yo-Yo Contest was founded in 1992 by Dale Oliver and run under the framework of the International Juggler’s Association (IJA). In 2000, organization of the contest was taken on and developed into its current format by Greg Cohen. Beginning in 2014, organization and management of the World Yo-Yo Contest was transferred to the International Yo-Yo Federation (IYYF), the international governing body for yo-yoing as a sport.

2019 World Yo-Yo Contest


FUTURE World Yo-Yo Contests

2020 TBA

2021 TBA

2022 TBD

PAST World Yo-Yo Contests

Run by IYYF

2018 (China)
2017 (Iceland)
2016 (Cleveland)
2015 (Tokyo)

2014 (Prague)

Run by Greg Cohen

2013 (Orlando)
2012 (Orlando)
2011 (Orlando)
2010 (Orlando)
2009 (Orlando)
2008 (Orlando)
2007 (Orlando)
2006 (Orlando)
2005 (Orlando)
2004 (Orlando)
2003 (Orlando)
2002 (Orlando)
2001 (Orlando)
2000 (Orlando)

Run by HPK/Bandai

1999 (Honolulu)

Run by Dale Oliver/Held with IJA


Classic time

1932 (London)



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