IYYF Music Library 2022 Prelim (1-min Edited with Start Countdown)

All the music here is edited to be 1 minute and has a 3 second countdown at the beginning for the contestant and judges to know the timing to start.

Yo-Yo players can use this music freely at any IYYF contest without worrying about copyright issues. These songs are provided by our friends, supporters and contestants.

Please note:

  • We got permission from the creators for use at IYYF official contests and contest videos only. For any other use, please contact the creator of the music directly.
  • Do not copy or redistribute this music for any other use.
  • You can download the music with “right click” and “Save as…” on your PC (download method is for Windows–for other devices the method may vary).
  • We may add more music here as we get permission from other creators.

Download All Music Files (zip file: 166MB)

1 Minute Music by Yackle

Web site:  https://linktr.ee/yackle_yyy

1 Minute Music by Xigbeats

Web Site: Xigbeats

1 Minute Music by TOORU

1 Minute Music by PYGMIX STUDIO

1 Minute Music by Jumper

Web Site: TYM.de

(Last update 2022.7.14)