Decision Making Process


Each country can become a member. There is no joining fee at this time. No individuals or companies can be a member at this point.

List of Members:


General Meeting:

Each member (country) has a right to send Delegate(s) to the General Meeting.

  • 1-2 delegate(s): national organization as a legal entity
  • 1 delegate: national organization as unofficial legal entity (Their Delegates must be approved by the Executive Board)
  • 1 representative without voting rights: country without national organization and national contest or contest with less than 10 people participating

General Meeting:

  1. Approves action plan and budget
  2. Elects Executive Board
  3. Etc. (see the Statutes for more details)

Member Countries and Number of Delegates:

Executive Board:

Term: Two years (September 1, 2016 – August 31, 2018)

Current Board of Directors:

  • Ondrej Sedivy (Czech Yoyo Association)
  • Hironori Mii (Japan Yo-Yo Federation)
  • Andre Boulay (US National Yo-Yo League)
  • Alfredo Mascali (Spanish YoYo Association)
  • Steve Brown (US National Yo-Yo League)
  • Grace Welch (British Yo-Yo Association)
  • Moyo Lin (Taiwan Yo-Yo Federation)

Current Audit Committee Members:

  • Marcus Springer (German Yo-Yo Association)
  • Nathan Crissey (US National Yo-Yo League)
  • Roy Teo (Spinworkx Singapore)

*All information on this page is as of October 15, 2016.