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New Seeding Rules for WYYC2018

IYYF will apply new seeding rules for World Yo-Yo Contest 2018. WYYC2017 1st place – Seed to Final (Same as before) 2nd & 3rd place – Seed to Semi-Final (New) Other Finalists – Seed to Prelim (New) AP/EYYC (Multi-National Contests,

WORLD YOYO CONTEST 2018 Official web site is up!

World Yo-Yo Contest 2018 will be held in Shanghai, China, in August of 2018. The particular dates and venue details are coming soon.   WYYC2018 Official Web Site   WYYC2018 Official Instagram WYYC2018 Official Facebook WYYC2018 Official

WYYC2017 Contest Rules

Here is the page for the contest rules for the World Yo-Yo Contest 2017 in Iceland. WYYC2017 Contest Rules In particular, the deadline for AP Division video submissions is very close. Please make sure you check the dates and submit

Freestyle Scoring Criteria Change (Starting from WYYC2017)

After much discussion among judges all over the world, we have a freestyle scoring criteria change that will be effective starting with this year’s WYYC. The only changes this year will be with evaluation criteria. Up Until 2016: Execution Cleanliness

WYYC proposal deadline change

We have had many inquiries and ideas for running WYYC in a different place from many enthusiastic people. However, after a few rounds of application submission, we realized the allotted time was not enough for people to fully prepare their

WYYC2018 will be in Shanghai, China

IYYF proudly introduced the host country of the 2018 World Yo-Yo Contest at the end of the award ceremony at the 2016 World Yo-Yo Contest in Cleveland. We are very happy to announce that WYYC2018 will be held in Shanghai,

New IYYF Executive Board Members Appointed

IYYF had its second General Meeting in Cleveland, Ohio, USA on August 5, 2016. We elected the next Executive Board and its Audit Committee, to serve a two-year term from September 1, 2016 until August 31, 2018. Executive Board Members:

WYYC 2018 Host Country Announcement

The host country of the 2018 World Yo-Yo Contest will be announced at the end of the award ceremony at the 2016 World Yo-Yo Contest in Cleveland. Thank you for your patience and please look forward to the announcement.

Deadline for WYYC2019 proposal is extended to Oct. 1, 2016

There have been some inquiries for running WYYC2019 in Americas, however they are not yet ready to put together their proposals. Therefore, the IYYF has extended the submission deadline (originally Aug. 1, 2016) to Oct. 1, 2016.

WYYC2016 is coming soon

2016 WORLD YOYO CONTEST will be held on Aug. 3-6, 2016 at Cleveland, Ohio, USA. WYYC2016 OFFICIAL WEB SITE